A Review of Off Grid Solar Panels

off grid solar panels

An off the grid life entails not relying on the grid for electricity and communication. This will force the people to make use of the renewable energy, such as solar energy to generate electricity in homes. This brings in the use of the off grid solar panels. The good news is that the price of solar panels has continued to drop day after day making them to be more affordable. However, despite the low prices of the off the grid solar panels, the most costly part comes in terms of installation. The installation process may be costly, but this should not lock anyone from trying to live off the grid.

Information on off grid solar panels

off grid solar panelsAs stated earlier, the installation process is expensive and complex. However, there are DIY solar panels. In order to complete the installation, there are components that need to be in place. They include a solar panel, charge controller, battery and inverter. In addition, one will need a copper wire, MC4 connector, meter, breaker and fuses. However, one has to calculate his/her load before choosing the components. In addition, the time longevity when the solar panel will run should be considered as well. This means that one should decide on the appliances that will run on electricity and for how long.

It is important for one to determine how big his/her solar panel system should be. Once one has decided on the appliances to use, it is important to take into consideration their power rating, which is watts per hour. The rating should be multiplied by the number of hours that the appliance will run on electricity. The results should then be compiled to come up with the number of watts that the off grid solar panels should supply on a daily basis.

Other components of the solar panel system

Batteries are also part of the off grid solar panels. Determining their power is important as well. Based on the number of watts needed in a day, the battery to be used should be able to store at least a minimal capacity. The appliance consumption is calculated in watt hour, while the capacity of the battery is Ampere hour. The next step demands that one has to come up with the number of solar panels that he/she needs.

There are times when the sunshine will not be optimal. This forces one to have several solar panels in order to have a constant supply of power.

Off the grid solar kits

There are off the grid solar kits available in the market. They consist of solar panels, batteries, inverter and electrical components. The kits vary in terms of the voltage they are able to store. The use of off grid panels has been encouraged as it stops the reliance on the grid. Moreover, the solar energy is renewable, thus it will never get exhausted. It is also environmentally friendly, thus very suitable for the people living off the grid and protects them from the monthly electricity bills.

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