Forms of Off Grid Heating

off grid heating

It is not easy to live off the grid, thus one has to start with the right mindset. One will be forced to slightly change his/her lifestyles in order to find it easier living off the grid. The sole purpose of wanting to live off the grid is to stop the reliance on the grid, thus getting rid of the monthly electricity bills. This brings in the idea of the different forms of off grid heating, which are the renewable energy. They include solar energy, wind energy, hydropower and much more. However, in order to have these forms of off grid heating, one has to be very critical when it comes to choosing the land.

Off grid heating; how to have power

off grid heatingSolar energy is the most commonly used forms of off grid heating. It is non-toxic and renewable. Renewable forms of energy do not get exhausted, thus one has a lot to enjoy as opposed to relying on the electricity from the grid. When choosing the land to settle down, one has to take this into consideration. Moreover, the solar panels should be installed in a spot where there is optimal sunlight. Obstructions, such as trees should be avoided as this will limit the amount of power generated. Solar heating has been found to be very effective in many homes and it can serve various purposes. However, one may be forced to put with the high cost, especially when it comes to the installation of the solar panel system.

On the other hand, one can make use of wind energy while living off the grid. This will require that the owner has to set up windmills. Just like the solar panels, the windmills should be installed far away from any forms of obstruction. However, it is advisable for one to have a back-up in situations when the weather is calm. One can make use of back-up generators, which are fueled by biodiesel.

Other heating options available

Geothermal heating is another great option that one can opt for while living off the grid. The best thing with this off grid heating is that it can be shared among several households, which may seem a bit challenging for solar heating. However, it is a bit complicated when it comes to its installation. A heat pump will be required for transferring the heat. Since the geothermal is underground, ducts will be required.

In addition, the system draws heat from the ground in winter and during summer, heat is discharged to the rest of the house.

Conclusion on how to heat the house

There are many great options when it comes to off grid heating, such as propane heaters. In addition, wood burning heaters can be used in heating the water in the house. Currently, there are appliances that can be powered by the solar energy, such as the solar micro inverter, air conditioner and much more. In conclusion, off grid heating may seem expensive when it comes to the installation process, but once it is done, the owner has a lot to enjoy.

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