Instructions on How to Live Off the Grid

how to live off the grid

Many lives depend on the grid system and this has caused the need for public services to increase continuously. Governments have taken the initiative to foster measures that will ensure that citizens do not live off the grid. However, living off the grid can be a great relief to many people. On the contrary, the question on how to live off the grid is asked frequently. Basically, living off the grid refers to one having the closer interaction with nature without any government intervention. This is the reason as to why the government is against this approach, thus declaring it a crime to live off the grid.

How to live off the grid

how to live off the gridThere are certain fundamental steps that one needs to follow when it comes to how to live off the grid. It starts with the mindset of an individual. One has to develop a spirit of commitment and independence in order to find it easier living off the grid. The common misconception that many have is that they believe that once they live off the grid, they will avoid paying property taxes. There are many and different reasons on how to live off the grid. Some are after more convenience, especially when it comes to power generation.

The first step requires that one has to purchase land, if he/she does not own one. This will be followed by the building of shelter, such as straw bales, yurts and log cabins. There are many companies that offer these services, thus one has to conduct a thorough research to determine the best that suits his/her needs. When choosing the location to put up the structures, it is important to consider the form of energy available, such as solar or wind energy. How to live off the grid requires that one finds a location that will eliminate the heavy reliance on the public utilities. This suggests that buying land away from major cities is the appropriate move.

What living off the grid entails

There are other important things that one needs to invest in. They include solar panels, sawdust toilet and well. If one is after living off the grid, then he/she has to look for a form of energy that will make sure that the objective is achieved. Through the solar panels, one will be able to supply his or her home with electricity. This may be costly when purchasing them, but once installed, the reliance on the grid is totally done away with.

Another way of living off the grid is making use of the sawdust toilet. This means that one will not need to put up the septic system.

Conclusion on living off the grid

Instead of relying on the public water system, well drilling is the most effective way of living off the grid. Another advantage of drilling a well is the amount of water is much more as compared to the city water. The above tips are good guidelines on how to live off the grid and to avoid unnecessary government rates and taxes.

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