Off Grid Communities to Look Out For

off grid communities

Living off the grid is a little demanding, especially when it comes to the lifestyle that one is forced to adopt. Basically, it refers to living without relying on the communication and electrical grid, which many people may consider impossible. It is important for one to gather information on the different off grid communities that he/she can comfortably join. Off grid communities refer to the locations that one can put a building, which he or she will call his/her home or rather shelter.

In this article, information on the locations for off grid communities will be highlighted with the aim of making it easier for people in search of them.

Information on off grid communities

off grid communitiesThe main feature that is common for most off grid communities is that they far away from the major cities. In addition, these locations are not within an easy access of water and public water. The first on the list is the Three Rivers Recreation Area. This location is a home for many lives, which may amount to 500 homes. The area is on an acreage of 4,000 acres. These homes do not have any connection to the power grid, thus forcing the off grid communities to come up with other forms of energy. The homes use solar panels to generate electricity. In addition, hydroelectric power is generated through the use of water turbines. Back-up generators are also in place in case of power emergencies.

Breitenbush is also one of the off grid communities, which is situated near Detroit, Ore. It is an international community that serves the Breitenbush Hot Springs and Conference Center. This community is a home to many lives, whereby 60 percent of the population lives permanently. This area depends on water for hydropower. Moreover, geothermal power is generated via the geothermal wells. This form of energy makes Breitenbush habitable and no need to rely on the electric grid.

Other communities suitable for living off the grid

In addition to the above off grid communities, Emerald Earth is another great area to live in. It is found in a land acreage of 189 acres. Dancing Rabbit is an international community, where many people have found it to be very conducive, especially when it comes to living off the grid. However, it is a home to very few individuals around 45 of them. It makes use of renewable energy, such as solar and wind energy.

Moreover, the community makes use of natural materials for construction, such as straw bale and cob. The water collected is rain-fed, thus no need for public water. In this area, the means are transport consists of three vehicles, which are fueled by biodiesel.

Conclusion on where to live off the grid

There are many off grid homes that one can buy. In most cases, these homes are built thus one does not have to put up the structures from the start. However, this may be a little costly. An online search is the best solution when one is in search of an off grid home.

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