Steps on Building off the Grid Cabin

building off the grid

Living off the grid requires that one has to build a shelter, unless one has bought an already built off the grid home. It is not easy to build a cabin, but it is even harder when it comes to building off the grid cabin. There are certain requirements that need to be met before the task can kick off. One has to have the essential skills as well as natural resources for the task. Living off the grid tries to make the bills very minimal and this is also covered in the building materials.  When it comes to building off the grid cabin, one has to have a certain set of things for the task at hand.

Instructions on building off the grid cabin

building off the gridAs stated earlier, one has to have the following things before the building process can start. They include building plans, a saw, nails, hammer, lumber, solar power system, concrete and much more. There are legal building standards that need to be met, thus as part of the start, one has to obtain a building permit from the relevant authority. It entails visiting the local authority, whereby one will be required to present his/her building plans. Once the permits have been obtained, other procedures will follow suite. The spot for setting up the cabin has to be selected. It must be in an area with enough sunlight for easier installation of the solar panels. Moreover, it has to be near a natural water source.

The land should then be cleared if it is necessary for a clear building spot. This will be the start of building off the grid cabin. The foundation of the cabin should be the first part to be built. It involves digging below the frost line, followed by installation of the footing. Mixing and pouring of concrete should be done before the footing is installed. For better setting and drying of the concrete, it has to be done when the weather is dry and cool.

Further steps to be followed

The cabin frame should be constructed and this will be based on the building plans that one showed to the local authority or purchased. The next step involves the installation of the solar panel system. This will be followed by carrying out electrical wiring. Once the wiring process is complete, the interior walls will be set as well as the ceiling.

To complete the whole design of living off the grid, one will be required to dig a well. It is best if one drills a modern well for a constant supply of water. Besides constant supply of water, shallow wells get polluted easily, thus are very unsafe for human consumption.

Conclusion of the building procedure

A septic system is also essential, but it is not a must to have a real one. Instead, one can construct an incinerator toilet. This is easier to put up with since all that is needed is monthly emptying of the ash pan. The water from the sink can be used in irrigating the kitchen garden. In conclusion, there are fewer wastes when it comes to living off the grid.

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